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(September 2017 through Present) Bro. Steve Skagges presented his resignation as pastor of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church to the Chairman of the Deacons, Mark Carney, and to the congregation at the conclusion of the Morning Worship Service. His last day will be September 24, 2017. The Monthly Business Meeting was held on September 6, 2017. Ernest Carol Taylor served as the moderator. (1) Mark Carney, Chairman of the Deacons, reported that Debbie Farris cleaned out one of the two small safes and have moved some of the documents in it that they needed to have stored. There is a need to have a bigger fire- proof safe for storage of documents instead of a new small one as was voted on and approved at last month's Business Meeting. Therefore, as Old Business, he made a motion to recind the request and approval for the new small safe. This was voted on and approved. Then in New Business, he made a motion, and it was approved, to purchase a larger safe for estimated cost of $800. (2) Also, in New Business, Bob Moore, representing the Trustee Commitee, made a motion and it was approved per vote to install a railing in an L-shape around the back patio of the parsonage for costs of $1,900 including parts and labor. On Sunday, September 24, 2017, Bro. Steve Skaggs gave his last sermon as pastor of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church. A reception/meal was held in honor of Bro. Steve and Shirley to thank them for their service the last 5 years. They were presented with a love offering and two Cracker Barrel rocking chairs with their names and the church name engraved in them and the placement of a UK Wildcat emblem, Bro. Steve's team.  It was announced during the Morning Worship Service by Mark Carney, Chairman of the Deacons, that a discussion will be held at the next monthly business meeting on October 4, 2017 to start the process of forming a Pulpit Search Committee. Bro. Steve published his last “At The Break of Day” (ATBOD) message on September 30, 2017: September 30, 2017 -- “At the Break of Day” “At the break of day” has, from the beginning, meant to inspire you to have a daily devotional life. Prayer and scripture should always be the basis of our daily devotions. Paul wrote, “For God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,’ made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ” (II Corinthians 4:6). Perhaps his thoughts were inspired by Psalm 119:105, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” There are so many good devotional resources available today including posts like this one. And, while I use these myself, my personal preference is to have a book in my hands. Plus you know that I would tell you to not neglect the hymnal as a devotional resource. Looking at hymns as devotional poetry rather than between the lines of music can bring new insight to even the most well- known hymn. But you can have a devotional moment with just your Bible! We can, of course, pray and have devotional times any time during the day but I believe following Jesus’ example works best: “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed” (Mark 1:35). He spent time with His Heavenly Father the very first thing and we should too before the busyness of our day becomes a distraction. This is the last day I will share my thoughts in this space. Thank you always for beginning your day here and for sharing these words with others. May you continue to “grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ” (II Peter 3:18) as you seek Him daily. Bro. Steve  The Monthly Business Meeting was held on October 4, 2017. Ernest Carol Taylor, Assistant Moderator, led the meeting. Mark Carney, Chairman of the Deacons, assisted with the process. (1) Mark Carney reported to the church that the railing has been installed around the back patio of the parsonage for a significant reduced cost of what was voted on at the last Business Meeting because Trent Pyles and the Trustees were able to accomplish the installation for less than $1,000 instead of the expected cost of $1,900. (2) Erin Cox, Minister of Youth, reported that they are averaging 17 youth on a regular basis in attendance. (3) Mark Carney reported that the gun safe has not been purchased yet and they are waiting until “Black Friday” when the prices are expected to be much cheaper. (4) In New Business: (a) Mark Carney, Chairman of the Deacons, made a motion, it was voted on and approved, to have the following people to serve on the Stewardship Committee for 2018: Steve Morris, Andrea Morrison, Jessica Paris, Mark Speer, and Evelyleen Taylor. (b) Mark Carney also made a motion, upon recommendation of the Deacons, that the amount of pay for the Pulpit Supply be changed to $100 per Sunday Service and $50 for a Wednesday night service. It was voted on and approved. (c) Mark Carney, Chairman of the Deacons, provided written documentation regarding the requirements of forming a “Pastor Search (Pulpit) Committee, as noted in the Church Constitution and By-Laws. He made a motion, it was discussed, voted on and approved, to start the process of nominating people to serve on the committee between now and the Morning Worship Service of October 22, 2017. The nominating forms will be made available in the church vestibule and other entries of the church. The completed nomination forms will be placed in a locked box in the vestibule. The requirements and process will be discussed in detail before the church next Sunday and information provided in the church bulletin. It will be stressed that, before nominating someone, the nominator must ask the person being nominated if they would agree to serve before placing the name in ballot box. The list of nominees will be announced during the Morning Worship Service on October 29, 2017 and the vote will take place during a Special Called Meeting during the Morning Worship Service on November 5, 2017. The five people receiving the largest number of votes will constitute the Pastor Search (Pulpit) Committee. (d) Mark Carney made a motion, it was voted on and approved, to change the name of the Sam’s Club card from Bro. Steve Skaggs to Debbie Farris (church secretary). The name on the card is not the Grantor but simply a contact and approval person. (e) Mark Carney made a motion, it was voted on and approved, to hire a college student who is studying Music Ministry to work with our children’s choir, including Wednesday night practices, and perform special songs at least one Sunday per month and do a special performance on Easter and Christmas at a rate of $75 per week. Applications will probably have to go through the Personnel Committee.  The church family was very saddened upon the death of Elizabeth Jarboe Farmer on on October 7, 2017 at the age of 85. She served for many years as a Sunday School teacher, was a Vacation Bible School teacher, was on multiple committees, and was honored in August 2015 for over 50 years of service at the WMU Director.  She also received 28 years of Sunday School Perfect Attendance Awards! She will be greatly missed. Sunday School Perfect Attendance Awards were presented during the Morning Worship Service on October 15, 2017 to the following: Karli Veatch (4 years), Michelle Gribbins, (14 years), Jessica Veatch (16 years), Ann Lee (19 years) and Josh Veatch (29 years). At the beginning of the Sunday Morning Worship Service on November 5, 2017, a “Special Business Meeting” was called by the Moderator, Ernest Carol Taylor, for the purpose of formulating the Pastor Search (Pulpit) Committee. The deacons distributed ballots with the names of 20 individuals who had been nominated, and had agreed to serve, over the  previous two weeks, to each church member present . The five people receiving the largest number of votes that would constitute the Pastor Search (Pulpit) Committee included the following: Charlotte Benningfield, David England, Margaret Pyles, Jim Sabo, Jr., and Don Veatch. The Monthly Business Meeting was held on November 8, 2017. Ernest Carol Taylor served as the moderator. (1) Jim Sabo, Sr., Music Director, reports they will not be having a Christmas Cantata this year. (2) Donnie Veatch, representing the Transportation Committee, reports they are working on designing a Sign-up Sheet to complete when either of the buses take passengers on trips so they can keep track of who is on the buses in case of an accident or emergency. (3) Ernest Carol Taylor, representing the Personnel Committee, reports they have met and are developing a job description for the new position of Children’s Choir Director. (4) Mark Speer, upon recommendation from Debbie Farris, Church Secretary, made a motion to close the Parsonage Remodeling Project since it has been completed. The motion was voted on and approved. (5) Mark Speer made a motion to purchase furniture for the old Pastor’s Office (desk chair, 2 visitor chairs, table, lamp, book shelf) for an estimated cost of $1,200 for the supply pastors to use as needed. Upon discussion, the motion was ammended by Mark Carney, voted on and approved to only purchase a desk chair and book shelf for estimated cost of $550 so the future pastor can pick out his own office furniture. (6) David England made a motion that the church make a donation of $200 in the name of Elizabeth Farmer to fulfill the September goal that was set for the Eliza Broadus Offering for State Missions.  It was voted on and approved. (7) Mark Carney, upon expressed concerns about the safety of the church because of the recent mass shooting in Texas and other previous mass shootings, reported that a Safety “Security” Committee will be formed in the next few weeks to look into what is needed to better protect the members and visitors on the church property. The “Hanging of the Greens” Service was held on Sunday night, November 26th at 6:00 p.m. The church was gradually decorated as the the meaning of Christmas was explained for each item of decoration. Then the AWANA children presented the scene of the nativity as Bro. Al Hardy read the Christmas story from Luke 2:1-20. The Safety “Security” Team met for the first time on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.  This Team is being formed to look into what is needed to better protect the members and visitors on the church property. Fourteen men and women attended the meeting. The guest speaker was Travis Begley. He is the head of the security team at Elkhorn Baptist Church in Campbellsville, Kentucky and is a 16 year veteran of the Campbellsville Police Department.  The Monthly Business Meeting was held on December 6, 2017. Ernest Carol Taylor served as the moderator. (1) Mark Carney, Chairman of the Deacons, reported that we were able to purchase the safe on “Black Friday”, saving $100 with the final cost being $699. Debbie Farris is working to organize documents in it for safe keeping. (2) Charlotte Benningfield, representing the Pastor Search Committee, reported about their recent meetings and that the position has now been posted with the KBC and other entities. (3) Jim Sabo, Sr. reports that he is stepping down as Song Leader and Adult Choir Director after almost 13 years. He offered to fill in as needed while we are searching for a replacement. (4) Sam Graham, representing the Security “Safety” Team reported about the first meeting that took place on November 28, 2017. The next meeting will take place in the Sanctuary on December 12, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.  (5) In New Business: (a) The Stewardship “Budget” Committee, represented by Mark Speer, presented the budget for the new church year beginning in January, 2018.  After much discussion and majority vote, one amendment (per motion by Jim Sabo, Jr., representing the Pastor Search “Pulpit” Committee) was made to keep the pastor’s salary the same as last year. The rest of the budget was accepted, voted on, and approved as presented. (b) Mark Carney made a motion, and it was approved, to retract the position of Children’s Minister of Music voted on in the October 2017 Business Meeting since we will now be searching for a new Minister of Music, that will include leading the Adult and Children’s Choir as noted in the new job description developed by the Personnel Committee. (c) Mark Carney made a motion, and it was approved, for the church to give $150 to International Missions and directed specifically to Rebekah Phillips, a missionary in Niger.  (d) Mark Carney made a motion, and it was approved, to pay $208/year for a (CCL) copyright license for the church. This makes the church legally covered to: store lyrics, print songs, record and capture audio video of worship services, make custom arrangements, project lyrics, and translate songs. The fine, otherwise, could be over $100.000. We collected our Annual White Christmas Offering on December 17, 2017 during the Morning Worship Service. Thank you to everyone that gave so generously! The total amount received was $21,768.85!!! Bro. Billy Compton lead us in the Morning Worship Services on December 24th and December 31st. The Pastor Search (Pulpit) Committee presented him as a possible Interim Pastor with a vote to be taken in January. We had our Annual Christmas Eve Candlelight Service on December 24, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. Bro. Steve Skaggs returned for the evening to us to lead the service. We had our Monthly Business Meeting on January 10, 2018. Ernest Carol Taylor served as the moderator. (1) Erin Cox, Youth Director, reported that several of the youth participated in the “Winter Extreme” annual event December 29 - 31, 2017. She said it was enjoyed by all. They are purchasing and planning to start a Bible Study for the group that involves thirteen sessions and the topic is “Critical Decisions: Surviving in Today's World”. She also reported that they will be having their Annual Valentine Meal after church on February 11, 2018. The meal is free but donations will be accepted and will go toward funding the youth activities. (2) Josh Veatch, representing the Safety Security Team, reports that there have been about 14 people attending the meetings and the next one will be on January 30, 2018. At that time several measures will be put in place. Also, there is a recommended FREE “Protecting the Flock”  seminar on January 22, 2018 in Winchester, Kentucky. This seminar will be "hands-on," emphasizing the skills you need in order to be ready to respond to a crisis in your house of worship. A church van/bus will be used for transportation if  enough people are interested in going. (3) Charlotte Benningfield, representing the Pastor Search “Pulpit” Committee, reports that they are continuing to meet weekly and have the position posted in the Western Recorder and other places for the next several weeks. (4) McKenzie Hardin reports that the EARF Committee will be resuming meetings now that the holidays are over. She also reports that Joe Skaggs came across 24 nice chairs that he donated to the Odds and Evens Class. (5) Mark Carney asks that the Personnel Committee place adds in the Central Kentucky News Journal and Lebanon Enterprise and to also post at Campbellsville University regarding the search for someone interested in filling the vacant Minister of Music position. (6) David England, Chairman of the Pastor Search “Pulpit” Committee, made a motion to call Bro. Billy Compton as our Interim Pastor with a salary of $650 weekly plus mileage. He will lead us on the two services each Sunday, lead us on two Wednesday night Prayer Meeting services per month (we will cover the Business Meeting and one other Prayer Meeting service each month), and perform Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, and visit the ill and others in need on an as needed basis. He will utilize the parsonage as needed. The motion was voted on and approved. Bro. Compton had already agreed to serve based upon the vote so he will begin his leadership role on January 21, 2018. The church already has the Annual Birthday Meal planned for that day so it will also be a Welcome/Greet/Meet meal for Bro. Compton as well. Bro. Billy Compton began serving as our Interim Pastor on January 21, 2018.  We had a “Meet/Greet/Welcome” time of fellowship to get acquainted with him and his wife, Sue Ann, at our Annual Church-wide Birthday Potluck Meal after the Morning Worship Service. The Monthly Business Meeting was held on February 7, 2018. (1) Charlotte Benningfield and David England, representing the Pastor Search “Pulpit” Committee, report they have been receiving a lot of resumes, are reviewing them, and also are continuing the advertisements with various media outlets. (2) Mckenzie Hardin gave a detailed report for the Safety Team. They have started some basic safety/security measures upon the advise of national and local experts. One of those being the placement of two team members in the parking lot to monitor and secure the area prior to, during, and after the services on Sundays. This was initiated on February 4, 2018. She also read an announcement that was made this past Sunday to the congregation that all doors will start being locked at 10:15 a.m. each Sunday, beginning February 11, 2018, except for the entry access of the front door, the glass door on the left of the church, and the door to the Fellowship Hall where the portico is located. All other doors will be able to be exited at any time. This is being done to protect the congregation and visitors. She also reported that they now have 10 gently used radios that have been given to the church for the team members to use and ear pieces have been ordered and received for 6 of them. She reported that 6 of the radios would normally cost $1,500. Mark Carney reported that the deacons met and agree that non-members of the church who faithfully participate in activities of the church can be a part of the Safety Team. He also reported that there is a Safety Seminar provided by the Kentucky Baptist Convention on March 24, 2018 in Frankfort if anyone is interested in attending. (3) In New Business: (a) Mark Carney reports that the church’s insurance provider, Brotherhood Mutual, has been contacted about the church developing a Safety Team and provided information on increasing coverage of Traumatic Incident from the current amount of $150,000 in coverage to $300.000 in coverage with an increase premium cost of $5.00 per year and to add the security operations coverage to the policy for an additional cost of $4.00 per year (total of $9.00 per year increase in our present costs). Documentation was provided for those in attendance to review. The added costs for insurance was made as a motion, it was voted on and approved. (b) Mark Carney, representing the deacons, reported that the 4th Annual Marriage Retreat will take place on March 9-10, 2018 at Barren River Lake. Bro. Billy Compton and his wife, Sue Ann, are going to lead 3 sessions for the retreat. A motion was made, voted on, and approved to pay $100 per session (a total of $300) plus cover the cost of the room reservation for Bro. Billy. (c) Mckenzie Hardin, representing the Safety Team Committee, made a motion and later amended to include working with the Trustee Committee to get the glass door on the left side of the church replaced with a non-glass door that can be locked but still be exited in an emergency to better protect the facility. It was voted on and approved. (d) Larry Bright reports that he will donate a television to the furnishings of the  parsonage (being used by Bro. Billy Compton on an as needed basis while he is Interim Pastor) and made a motion for the church to pay for television service by the provider, DISH, at an ongoing monthly cost of approximately $55 per month (available with 2 year contract) for a basic plan. This would eliminate the fee that is incurred with a new hook-up or discontinuing the service each time there is a new pastor or Interim Pastor. If the occupant at any particular time wants more service than a basic plan, he can increase the service as desired and pay the difference. This was voted on and approved. On February 18, 2018 during the Morning Worship Service, Erin Cox announced her resignation as Minister of Youth to be effective the end of the month.   The Rev. Billy Graham, the Christian evangelist whose worldwide crusades and role as adviser to decades of U.S. presidents made him one of the best known religious figures of his time, died Wednesday (February 21, 2018) at age 99 at his home in Montreat, N.C, Read more about him, including his official obituary at https://memorial.billygraham.org/  See article posted on Kentucky Today website. The Monthly Business meeting was held on March 7, 2018. (1) Josh Veatch reports that Tracy Cochran and Carol Reynolds plan to resign as the AWANA directors at the end of May. Josh and his wife, Jessica, have decided to step into this position in August and will be working alongside Tracy and Carol and the children between now and the end of May. (2) Charlotte Benningfield, representing the Pastor Search “Pulpit” Committee reports that they still have an ad in the Western Recorder and are continuing to get some good resumes. They are reviewing them and checking references and other sources and in the process of narrowing the prospects to a short list. (3) Josh Veatch, representing EARF, reports that they are looking into bids for floor treatments and other improvements and planning to have these done in time for Bible School in June. (4) In New Business: (a) Mark Carney, Chairman of the Deacons, reports that Bible School has been scheduled for June 10-15, 2018. (b) Mark Carney reported that DISH has been set up for the parsonage as discussed last month but the monthly bill was decreased to $50/month because of being a church facility. He made a motion that the 3 month trial be stopped which would also remove an additional $3 per month. The motion was voted on and approved. (c ) Mark Carney reported that there are 3 items listed on the Designated Funds section of the Treasure Report that are considered “offerings” until they are voted to become “funds” if desired: Video Surveillance System Offering, Church Safety and Security Offering, and Food Warmer for Church Kitchen Offering. A motion was made to change their status to “fund” as a lump motion. It was voted on and approved. The 4th Annual Couples Retreat took place on March 9-10, 2018 at Barren River Lake. It was a great time of fun and fellowship! There was an evening session on Friday night and two sessions on Saturday morning.  Bro. Billy and Sue Ann led the group in this time of celebrating marriage.  The following attended the event: Mark and Kelly Carney,  Nick and Rhonda Cobb, Bro. Billy and Sue Ann Compton, David and Lori England, Mckenzie Hardin, Cynthia Tungate Burnett, Rob and Stephanie Keeling, Steven and Shannon Lee, Steve and Carolyn Morris, Mark and Latricia Speer, Josh and Jessica Veatch, William and Robin Watson, Tony and Michelle Yocum.
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