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Bro. Billy Compton

(Pastor of MHBC from August, 2018 - Present)

Dr.    Billy   Compton   (Bro.   Billy)   has   lived   and   served   as   pastor   of Baptist   churches   in   Kentucky   his   entire   ministry.   He   began with   the   church   in   the   community   where   he   grew   up   in   Hart County,   Kentucky,   at   the   Hardyville   Union   Church   also   where he   graduated   from   Hart   Memorial   High   School.   He   graduated from   Campbellsville   University   with   an   English/Bible   major and   minor   and   The   Southern   Baptist   Theological   Seminary with    a    Master    of    Divinity.    Then,    he    completed    his    formal education     with     a     Doctor     of     Ministry     from     the     Fuller Theological      Seminary      in      Pasadena,      California      with      a concentration of studies in Church Growth. Dr.    Compton    has    served    in    two    different    positions    with    the    Kentucky    Baptist Convention:   1989-1992   as   Associate   Evangelism   Director,   and   2008-2012   as   Executive Associate for Cooperative Program and Resources. He   was   pastor   of   First   Baptist   Church,   Mt.   Washington   at   two   different   times   (1992-96 and   2012-2017)   and   served   as   the   President   of   the   Kentucky   Baptist   Convention   in 1995. Other   churches   where   he   has   enjoyed   a   meaningful   ministry   is   with   the   Calvary   Baptist Church   in   Glasgow,   the   Living   Hope   Baptist   Church   in   Bowling   Green,   and   the   Severns Valley Baptist Church in Elizabethtown. He    and   his   wife,   Sue   Ann,   have   two   children   and   four grandchildren.   Margo,   their   daughter,   is   married   to David   Atcher.   She   teaches   Spanish   at   South   Oldham Middle   School,   and   David   is   the   Worship   Pastor   for the   Westport   Road   Baptist   Church   in   Louisville.   They have   Bailey,   a   nine-year-old   daughter,   and   Anna   Kate, age   six.   Will,   their   son,   is   a   math   teacher   at   Red   Cross Elementary School in Glasgow; he has two sons:  William, age 12, and Wade, age 9. Sue   Ann   serves   alongside   Bro.   Billy   in   his   pastoral   ministry.   She   supports   the   family and   loves   the   work   of   the   church.   She   has   served   in   various   areas   of   ministry   with   her spiritual    gifts    of    communications    and    hospitality.    She    teaches    Introductory    and Research   Writing   Courses   in   the   English   Department   at   the   University   of   Louisville.   She earned     an     undergraduate     degree     from     Western     Kentucky     University     with     an English/History major and a Master of English from U of L.   Bro.   Billy   became   the   Interim   Pastor   of   Muldraugh   Hill   Baptist   Church   on   January   21, 2018   after   the   resignation   of   Bro.   Steve   Skaggs   on   September   4,   2017.   The   Pastor Search   “Pulpit”   Committee   later   made   a   recommendation   to   call   Bro.   Billy   as   the   next pastor.   The   vote   was   taken   by   ballot   in   a      Special   Called   Business   Meeting   on   July   22, 2018   during   the   Morning   Worship   Service.   There   was   an   overwhelming   99.2%   (120   yes; 1   no)   affirmative   “yes”   vote   to   call   Bro.   Billy   Compton   as   the   next   pastor   of   Muldraugh Hill   Baptist   Church!   Bro.   Billy   accepted   the   call   after   the   announcement   of   the   vote   was made.   Bro.   Billy   and   Sue   Ann   expressed   their   desire   to   move   their   membership   to Muldraugh   Hill   Baptist   Church.   The   congregation   filed   by   after   the   service   to   welcome them   as   members   and   to   congratulate/welcome   Bro.   Billy   as   the   new   Pastor.   See Pictures Bro. Billy was officially installed in a special ceremony during the Morning Worship Service on August 5, 2018. David England, Chairman of the Pastor Search “Pulpit” Committee (click for details) made an introduction of the process and referenced the passage of scripture from  1 Timothy 3:1-7. Bro. Rusty Ellison, Transitional Pastor of Campbellsville Baptist Church and friend of Bro. Billy’s, delivered a special message, detailing their special friendship over the years. Bro. Billy, Bro. Rusty, and the congregation sang in acapella, “I Stand Amazed in the Presence”.  Mark Carney, Chairman of the Deacons, performed the installation by delivering the “Charge to the Pastor and the Church”.  Other active deacons present were:  Larry Bright, Josh Veatch, Sam Graham, and Jim Sabo, Jr. Trent Pyles was unable to attend. Bro. Billy then delivered the message, “Why Am I Here?” from Acts 10. (Pictures to be posted later)

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