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Prayers lifted for the family of Denesa Veatch upon her death on October 4, 2017. She was the wife of Bobby

Veatch. She was 54 years old. Visitation: Friday, October 6, from 5 – 8 p.m. with funeral on Saturday, October 7,

at 10 a.m. at Parrott & Ramsey Funeral Home.                                   

The procedures for nominating our Pastor Search (Pulpit) Committee was passed at our business meeting on October 4, 2017.  Please see the special insert in today’s bulletin. From now until the Morning Worship Service on October 22, 2017, nominations will be accepted in the locked box in the vestibule of the church. Please see the detailed requirements as listed in the “Pastor Search (Pulpit) Committee” formation document. The nominating forms may be obtained in the vestibule and can also be printed from the link above. We will have Dr. Tommy Valentine leading us in the services on October 15th and 22nd. Please support him with your prayers and attendance as he comes to lead us in the services. If you are interested in being a part of our “Visitation Volunteer Group” please stay for a short meeting after church on October 8, 2017. The Golden Days Group will meet on October 12, 2017 at noon in the Fellowship Hall. There will be a pot-luck meal with the church furnishing the meat and drinks; followed by a fun activity! All senior adults are invited to attend for this time of fun and fellowship! If you have reserved the church fellowship hall or other areas of the church with Bro. Steve, please follow up with a member of the Facility Use Committee to make sure your reservation is on the calendar.  Also, if you wish to reserve the facilities, please fill out the sheet to reserve the building and turn in your request to one of the members of the Facility Use Committee.  Members of the committee are: Jean Barnett, Anita Lanham, Mark Carney and Jim Sabo, Jr. GA Jam will be on Saturday, November 4th.

Posted August 13, 2017: The KBC Executive Director Paul Chitwood would like to introduce church members to

Kentucky Today. It provides up-to-the-minute news from across the state, nation and world and does so free of

charge. You can go to the website www.kentuckytoday.com  or if you would like to receive Kentucky Today’s

Morning Briefing of the top news articles of the day sent to your email inbox by emailing

editor@kentuckytoday.com .

Posted August 6, 2017: Hosparus Health of Green River needs volunteers for patients and their new Thrift

Shoppe. For more information contact Carrie Truitt at 270-789-4247 or ctruitt@hosparus.org .

Posted June 18, 2017 - The Golden Days Group is collecting staple food items for the food pantries in Marion

and Taylor counties. They work year round in both counties to help those food insecure households. Marion

County serves around 130 families monthly and Taylor County serves around 150 families monthly. In Marion

County alone the number of children as recently tripled.

Children are most vulnerable to hunger during the summer months when they are out of school and not

receiving their regular school lunches. Also, donations to the food pantries are less during summer months,

therefore causing the possibility of not being able to meet the needs of these families.

If you can help, we have a box in the church vestibule where you may leave your food items. If you need

suggestions, one of the pantries requested items with snap tops for the homeless; such as Ravioli, Beef Stew,

Spaghetti, etc. because they do not have can openers and may not be able to heat anything. Anything you can

do to help will be appreciated. Thank you!

Mountain Movers is a new assembly for school-age Sunday School students and teachers that meets each

Sunday at 10 a.m. in the old fellowship hall. It’s a fun and energetic way to begin a morning of learning in God’s


We are in need of nursery workers for the church. There must be someone eighteen years old in the nursery at

all time. If, you can help; please sign the list on the credenza in the church vestibule.

Notice from the Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church Transportation Committee:

The church has a van and bus that are available for church groups going on church related trips. In an effort to

serve as many people as possible, the transportation committee requests that the usage of the church vehicles

be reserved in advance of a planned outing. Please call or text any of the four members of the transportation

committee to make a reservation. The transportation committee members are:

Don Veatch (chairman) - (270) 692-7329

Sam Graham - (270) 465-1095

Glenn Cox - (270) 692-8564

Nick Cobb - (270) 405-1509

If you would like to reserve any part of the church or grounds for use, please complete a “Facilities and Grounds

Use Request Form” and return it to Bro. Steve. Forms can be found in the church vestibule or on the church

website. Events that are already scheduled may also be viewed on the website.

Many of our church family now reside in nursing homes or assistive living facilities. A list of those members is

available on our church prayer list. Those members would enjoy a visit or card at these Nursing Home


The Cemetery Committee would like to remind people about the rules for floral arrangements in the church

cemeteries. Do not put anything on graves that will hinder mowing from April through November. No

permanent plants are permitted.

We video every Morning Worship Service and some special services. If you would like a copy a service, please let Josh England, Sam Graham, or Ernest Carol Taylor know and they will get you a copy.
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