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Muldraugh   Hill   Baptist   Church   was   established   in   the   fall   of   1874.   MHBC   subscribes   to   the   doctrinal   statement   of   the   Baptist Faith   and   Message   as   adopted   by   the   Southern   Baptist   Convention   in   2000.   We   band   ourselves   together   as   a   body   of   baptized believers   in   Jesus   Christ   personally   committed   to   sharing   the   good   news   of   salvation   to   lost   mankind.   The   ordinances   of   the church are baptism and the Lord’s Supper.  The   Scriptures   remind   us   that   we   as   Christians   are   part   of   a   family   of   God.   Our   church   family   is   like   an   extension   of   our   family. As   members   of   this   family   hurt,   we   hurt   with   them.   As   they   rejoice,   we   rejoice   with   them.   Our   church   is   like   a   big,   loving,   caring family. We welcome worshippers of all denominations to join our family as we celebrate God's love.
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